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The Pros and Cons of a Christmas Wedding

Deciding when to have your wedding can be the biggest decision for a newly engaged couple to make. Choosing a specific time of year that is appealing to you can be an easy way to narrow down your options. Many couples dream of having a white wedding during the Christmas season filled with snow and cheer.

December is certainly a special time of year and many couples want to memorialize their love amidst the holiday celebrations. Having a Christmas wedding can be an unforgettable experience, yet it is important to consider the good and the bad when planning the most important day of your life.

While having a winter wedding can present some challenges, there are also many benefits to incorporating this season into your wedding plans. Christmas weddings are often unique, filled with holiday music and decorations. The weather is romantic and makes a lasting impression. A bride may enjoy the various themes and colors available during the winter months that are not offered during spring and summer.


An important benefit of having a Christmas wedding is cost. Because winter is considered an “off month” for the bridal industry, a couple can save hundreds of dollars when booking a venue, a band, or a caterer. A Christmas wedding is also cost effective because many locations are already decorated for the holidays.

This would be an easy way to incorporate the holiday spirit into your special day. Many families have also already made plans to spend Christmas together. By planning a wedding during your family’s visit, more money will be saved on airfare and lodgings.

Another great part about having a winter wedding is venue availability. It is more likely you will be able to book that special church, or restaurant since most people don’t get married during Christmas. This can be the deciding factor in when a bride chooses to get married, making a Christmas wedding more appealing.

A winter wedding is also a way for a couple to show their love for a certain time of year and to celebrate with they’re closest family and friends. Christmas weddings are always memorable and make a lasting impression.

While a Christmas wedding has its benefits, there are also some disadvantages every couple must consider before planning the big day. The weather can be as unpredictable as a bride’s mood during December, which can make it difficult to make plans. If you live in California, you may have nothing to worry about, but for those who live in a Northern climate, the weather can present a real problem for guests. Snow, or rain can prevent guests from arriving on time, which could delay the wedding, or even flights.

On the other hand, the weather may be too mild. A bride may be envisioning a snowy, white wedding with a horse drawn carriage, yet no snow. Unpredictable weather could potentially ruin a couples’ idea of a Christmas wedding. It’s also important to consider that travel arrangements during the holidays are very expensive and some guests may not be able to afford it.

Having a Christmas wedding can be a beautiful way of saying “I do.” Many of these seasons disadvantages can be avoided with proper planning and scheduling ahead of time. When done right, this can be the perfect time of year for a couple to tie the knot.