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Groomsmen Gift Ideas: 5 Must Have Cigar Accessories

Cigars consist primarily of a wrapper, made of dried leaves and tobacco. But there is much more that contributes the aroma and quality of savoring the taste of a fine cigar.

If you?re a cigar aficionado you know the importance of having all the latest cigar accessories and the significance of purchasing cigars online. But for those just getting started as a cigar smoker, there are a variety of cigar accessories that will greater enhance your indulgence, even helping to capture the true aroma in the tube. Some of the best cigar accessories excluding lighters and ashtrays include cases, cutters, humidors, hygrometers, and purifiers.

Cases ? Cigar cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes and mostly used as a carrier for organizing and carrying cigars. The main purpose of a cigar case is its portability feature and ease of carrying cigars anywhere. Cigar cases are available in a wooden carrier, leather (hard or soft safe) to a tote and can contain a cedar lined interior, helping to retain humidity of the cigars.

Cutters ? A cigar cutter is necessary for capturing the sense of the aroma. Cutters are used for cutting a small hole in the rounded end of the cigar in order to create a smooth draw. There are mainly four types of cigar cutters, including the guillotine, scissor, cigar punch and ?V? cigar cutter.

The guillotine cutter uses either one or two blades to cut a cigar creating a much cleaner cut. The scissor allows greater pressure on the cigar and gives a more centered and uniform cut while the cigar punch simply punches a small hole in the end of a cigar. A ?V? cigar is popular to creating a V-shaped wedge into the cap of a cigar, allowing for a deeper cut to the filler.

Humidors ? A cigar humidor is a box specifically designed to preserve and age cigars within an optimal humidity range of 68% and 72%. In order to monitor and adjust the humidity level inside of the humidor, the reading should stay within 2% of each reading. A humidor must contain a humidification system to increase or decrease moisture from the space to maintain the desired level of humidity. Humidors are often made of wood, with a constructed Spanish cedar detailing on the interior.

Hygrometers ? A hygrometer is used to measure and maintain the proper level of humidity inside a cigar humidor. A quality hygrometer accurately displays humidity that properly preservse and ages cigars. Hygrometers are offered in an analog or digital version. Digital hygrometers are most accurate and more reliable than analog.

Purifiers ? Air purifiers are designed to trap and eliminate odors from pets, cigars, cooking and mildew. They are used not only in homes, but also for small businesses, commercial facilities and hospitals.

Many are ultra-quiet and come with a remote control, purifying up to 1,000 square feet of space. Purifiers can range considerably in price, from $25 to over $500. Cigar accessories are great to purchase online due to such a wide selection, convenience and discounting pricing.