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Affordable Transportation For Your Wedding

Getting to the church on time requires a mode of transportation, and for many brides the first thought is naturally a limousine. But if you?re planning your wedding on a budget, you may balk at the hundreds of dollars need to rent such a large vehicle (plus a driver) for the day.

At between $100 and $200 per hour, you could be looking at quite an expense to keep this vehicle on call from the time you leave your house and head to the chapel to the time you make it home that night. In short, you need to find some cost-saving alternatives to showing up in a stretch Hummer (or paying by the hour). Here are just a few affordable options to consider in lieu of a limo.

The cheapest choice, and the one often chosen by budget brides, is to use your own car. A Camry may not provide the sexiest way to arrive at your wedding, but it won?t cost you a dime, leaving you plenty of dough to secure the perfect dress or put towards your honeymoon.

And if you want sexy, spend some of the money you save on some really gorgeous bridal lingerie; guaranteed your new hubby will like it better than a limo! You could even opt for a cab to get you there (not too pricy) if you don?t want to drive yourself, or just have a small limo drive you to the church (a service that should cost you less than $100 with the tip).

On the other hand, this is your special day, an event that only happens once in a lifetime if you do it right, and you want every aspect to be up to par. But this doesn?t necessarily require the use of a limo (or the attendant cost). You could always think about renting a classic car (or a modern sports car) instead of a limo.

While the price tag may still fall in the over-$100 range, it applies to daily rental, not hourly. For what you might pay for a day of limo service you could rent a classic mustang convertible for a week (or more) and use it to drive along the coast for your honeymoon. At the very least, you?re going to get some truly fantastic photos by arriving and leaving in a gorgeous vintage automobile. You could even rent a classic limousine (ancient driver not included).

But if that will still set you back too many greenbacks, think about who you know that has a classic (or otherwise desirable) car hanging out in the garage. Your parents, older relatives, and friends can all be tapped to provide a favor (in the form of their fully restored classic car) for your wedding.

You might even be able to entice them into driving you to the venue for a small fee or a gift (like a really nice bottle of their favorite liquor). In any case, you?ll certainly save a lot on the rental fee by simply borrowing a classic car from a friend or relative.

There are many other options to consider, such as riding in on a horse or securing a hot-air balloon, and all of them will probably save you over hiring a limo. But if you want the easiest and cheapest methods of transportation for your wedding then you really are going to have to settle for an automobile of some sort.